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Multiple addiction treatment centers (ATCs) for the treatment of patients suffering from mental health and substance use disorders (SUDs)

The EB-5 minimum investment amount has been temporarily reduced back to $500K for a short period of time. INVEST NOW before the amount increases to $900K again!


Photo of Morgantown, WV clinic.  Text on photo says Morgantown, WV, Opening March 2022.

The 4-H Camp Road Recovery Center is located at 3313 4-H Camp Road in Morgantown, West Virginia, and involves the acquisition of a 6,684 square foot building and its development into a residential treatment facility that will initially serve 16 clients. Renovations and the construction of additional space will allow the facility to serve 50 guests in the summer of 2023.

Photo of Charleston, WV clinic.  Text on photo says Charleston, WV, Opening January 2022.

The Charleston Recovery Center project is located at 5211 Doc Bailey Road in Charleston, West Virginia, and involves the leasing and acquisition of a 7,867 square foot building which will be renovated into a new outpatient facility.

Photo of Laconia clinic

The Laconia Clinic is located at 745 Main Street in Laconia, New Hampshire

Utilizing developer funds, renovations to the building have already begun which includes new carpet, paint and other interior finishes. Operations will begin in July or August of 2021. EB-5 investment capital will be used to grow and expand operations and also to acquire a separate residential treatment center.

Photo of Williamson Memorial Hospital

Williamson will be located at 859 Alderson Street, Williamson, West Virginia, on the third floor of the Williamson Memorial Hospital which was established in 1918.

The 15,000 square foot third floor will be renovated to provide space for 10 detoxification beds, 10 female residential beds, and 26 male residential beds. Other renovation work will include constructing group counseling rooms and employee office space, installing controlled access for privacy/safety, and updating the interior design (flooring, walls, and color palette) to create a “homelike” setting for clients.


An expedited EB-5 project is one that has been determined by USCIS to serve an urgent humanitarian need and/or a compelling U.S. government interest. Investors who can demonstrate that their investment, by investing in an expedited project, will serve an urgent humanitarian need and/or a compelling U.S. government interest, may also receive expedited processing of their I-526 petition (however, expedited processing is not guaranteed.)

By investing in an expedited EB-5 project, investors may need to wait only a few months instead of a few years for their I-526 petition to be approved (however, to remind again, expedited processing is not guaranteed.)

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U.S. Residency may bring down tuition costs

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Green card for Investor, spouse & unmarried children under 21*
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