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A Fast and Safe Route to Your Green Card!

Potential Expedited Processing For Your I-526 Petition!


Welcome to EB5 Visa Fast, a new program affiliated with EB5 Coast To Coast, which offers one of the fastest and safest routes to your U.S. residency green card. We are launching multiple EB-5 projects that we anticipate will be granted expedited processing by USCIS due to the urgent humanitarian need that our project will be serving: addiction and mental-health treatment. It is no secret that the U.S. is deeply mired in an addiction epidemic made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For EB-5 investors, this means waiting a few months (compared to a few years for non-expedited projects) for USCIS to approve the investor’s I-526 petition, the first key step in the two-part process for earning a conditional green card.

  • Direct EB-5 investment is alive and active! (Regional Center EB-5 investment is now shut down.)
  • $750,000, which means lower risk for your investment and job creation since the business has more capital to work with.
  • TEA qualified
  • Project is addiction treatment centers – tremendous demand with limited supply
  • Potential for expedited processing
  • $75,000 admin fee


Millions suffer from mental health and SUDs – in 2019 over 20 million people in the U.S. suffered from a SUD during the past year. Drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of death in the U.S. The U.S. government at all levels recognize this as a national crisis. See President Joe Biden’s opioid plan at https://joebiden.com/opioidcrisis. While demand for treatment has skyrocketed, the supply of available services has not kept pace.


Multiple addiction treatment centers (ATCs) to be located across the U.S. with the first two located in Laconia, New Hampshire and Williamson, West Virginia.


Steve Smith of EB5 Coast To Coast (www.eb5coasttocoast.com) and Doug Leech of Ascension Recovery Services (www.ascensionrs.com) have teamed up to address this national crisis by starting a venture that will open multiple addiction treatment centers, starting in Doug’s home state of West Virginia.

Photo of Steve Smith on left and Doug Leech on right. The EB5 Coast To Coast logo and Ascension logo are centered between Steve and Doug.

The operator of each addiction treatment center (ATC) will be Ascension Recovery Services which is a leading national developer of behavioral health programs and one of the most sought-after Management Services Organizations (MSO) in the operation of ATCs. It has extensive experience developing and managing programs across the country, working with state and federal government, hospitals, and large health care systems; and has helped develop 40 treatment programs in 23 states over the last five years.


An expedited EB-5 project is one that has been determined by USCIS to serve an urgent humanitarian need, a compelling U.S. government interest, or other limited criteria.

Investors who can demonstrate that their investment, by investing in an expedited project, will serve an urgent humanitarian need and/or a compelling U.S. government interest, may also receive expedited processing of their I-526 petition (however, expedited processing is not guaranteed.)

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